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Established in 1995


?Established in 1995, Jiaxing Qiming Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and rich Qixing Industrial Park. Since its inception, Qi Ming has always adhered to the spirit of"pragmatic, innovative, honest, team" and"customer first" business philosophy. He is committed to making every customer satisfied and helping every employee to succeed. With"specialty, science and technology, innovation" as the driving force of enterprises, product development is regarded as the life of Qiming Metal. As General Manager Zhang Qiming said,"The mission of the enterprise is to develop and produce products according to the needs of customers, and constantly provide customers with better and better products." After more than ten years of improvement and innovation, it has developed into a professional sheet metal processing, welding processing, mechanical processing, CNC at home and abroad, bending die manufacturing, special-shaped blade manufacturing at home and abroad, precision Scoda die manufacturing enterprise. The company is specialized in producing various kinds of bending machine die manufacturing company in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas. Our company has more than 70 equipments such as HPS1250-X NC punch, CNC bending machine, hydraulic press, shearing machine, universal milling machine, gantry planer, drilling machine, lathe, grinder, saw machine, welding machine, etc. Our company"s business scope: production, processing of general components, metal accessories, cabinets, logistics delivery cabinets, metal products, molds, shelves and so on.

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